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Locksmith is a skill I enjoy. For 25 plus years my customers have always come first. If you enjoy your job it is easy to become a professional. Call Me “Fares”


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As a professional with 25 Years of Experience I can get the job done. Call Me I Enjoy A Good Challenge.

Every day I enjoy installing doors, locks, rekeys, opening a door.  Once I requested to open a bathroom door.  The lock key was on the door frame. The client was joyed that I opened the door but embarrassed not know what to do. It all good… 

Fares is a great guy, I am sure he will put a smile on your face. Everyone makes mistakes Fares is fair and forthright. 

Ronnie Sawyer

I Am The Perfect Fit For Your Lock-Out Problem

When the universe gives you a bad day remember to call Safety I will get you back on the road or into your home.

Work is an enjoyment that I experience each day. Yea, sometimes jobs are tough and I need time to find the root of the problem. Somehow it just works out in the end and the job is done. Call me.


I provide The Best Profesional Services

Emergency lockouts, residential, commercial and auto I will get you back in control of your day.  

The Perfect Solution For All Locksmith Requirements

Automobiles are the toughest and require equipment to cut and code. The average locksmith van has 25,000 dollars invested to serve customers. My advice is to make sure you have two keys and two remotes. There are reasons..

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My business is a full time job and requirement to stay knowledgeable of advancements.

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There are so many advancements in the auto industry you will not be able to make an informed decision, call me…

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